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real estate photography

Beautiful photographs of your home or business


Professional photographs to document and/or sell your property quickly




“For Sale” Images


Commercial Real Estate



home documentation

Your home is where you spend your life, remember it for generations


residential Home pricing


Intro package

For homes up to 2500 sq ft. Includes 20-30 professionally edited images.
*Total time around 1.5 hours



deluxe package

For homes over 2500 sq ft. Includes 30-45
professionally edited images.
*Total time around 2 hours



evening exterior

Add-on includes: 5-7 professionally edited exterior images during the evening around sunset (at a separate time from the rest of your home photos). These luxury photos are sure to make your home shine!
*Total time around 30 minutes


Clients will be presented with an online gallery including all edited high resolution photos.
Turn around time is 24-48 hours. Travel fees apply outside of Cache Valley, UT, contact for specific details.
**Video & drone images not offered at this time**


beautiful Images that

help your home sell quickly

and stand out from the crowd


Real Estate Photo session tips & tricks


Remove distracting items

Take time before your session to remove distracting items from places like counter tops, mantles or shelves. If you are planning on selling your house the less of your own stuff inside the better. The more empty your house is helps potential customers be able to visualize their own furniture in the space. If you aren’t moving out until after the sale try to get rid of excess clutter and remove distracting items from rooms.


Do a little spring cleaning..
even if it isn’t spring

Part of my skill creating visually appealing photos which is easy to do with a clean house. I do not however offer cleaning services. A small amount of mess or clutter can appear a lot messier in your photos. To document your home as beautifully as you want to remember it be sure to do a thorough cleaning before your session. Things like dusting, vacuuming, fluffing pillows and picking up shoes/laundry makes all the difference!


Be prepared

What are things that you absolutely love about your house? Along with typical room photos, I love taking detailed shots of unique things that set your home apart from others. Take a walk through your house before your session. Make a note of specific things you’d like me to be sure to photograph. Things that you want to remember or showcase if you are selling your home.

excess people & pets

Each real estate session averages between 1.5 - 2.5 hours while evening exterior sessions lasts around 30 mins. To make the process go as smoothly as possibly I recommend only one or two people be present during our session. I usually go room by room by myself however if you aren’t comfortable with me being alone in your home please shadow me, I welcome it! I strive to make you feel comfortable while I am photographing your home and always promise an ethical working time.

Consider lighting

When taking photographs of homes the more light the better! While I do have off camera lighting equipment, the best light comes through windows and your own fixtures. I always recommend turning on all lights in rooms and when doing evening exterior sessions I recommend turning on both interior and exterior lights for the most welcoming effect.

Give the Garage & the exterior of your home some love

Don’t forget about the garage or the exterior of your home! Curb appeal makes all the difference in attracting people to your home. Take a walk around your yard & garage to make sure no trash has been blown in or toys/bikes are left out. Excess cars can create a cluttered look & feel. I recommend parking down the street or neatly in the garage. Fresh cut grass with clean trimmed edges can make your exterior photos pop!