Graphic dEsign FAQs

Q: Can I hire you to do my web design as well as a photo shoot?

Of course! I actually recommend it to my web design clients that if they do not have stellar photos for their new website design to add a photo shoot to their web package or to hire another photographer to take professional photos of their business, workplace, staff, products, etc.

Q: What does "branding" include?

Branding is the overall look and feel of your business. This includes all designs in your business: logo, marketing materials, web designs, and even the way you present yourself to your clients. If you want to hire me to design your brand that starts with a logo design. From there I use elements of your logo throughout the rest of any printed material designs and web design. 

Branding generally begins with questions such as:

Who are you? What is your business name? Who is your target audience? What problem do you want to solve? What makes you different from other businesses?
(Mission Statement)

Q: Do I get a discount if I hire you for multiple projects?

Yes! Check out my pricing page for package details or contact me for a custom price quote.

Q: Do you use web templates?

In short, yes! I prefer using website templates with as a base for all my web design clients. Each template is very basic in design, I work hard to make your website unique while using a template as a starting point. Custom coding is sometimes included based on desired design elements. 

Starting with a website template helps me make your web design timeline fast. I can focus on design elements instead of coding a website from scratch. 

Q: If you use squarespace templates, won't my site look like everyone else that uses that template?

No! Like I stated in the previous question, I work hard to make your website unique while using a template as a starting point. To start I choose a template based on how it functions and compare that with what you are wanting to portray on your site. Once I decide on the best template for functionality I customize it with unique layouts, graphics, and even custom illustration. 

Q: How long does it take to design a logo or website?

Once we meet in person or talk on the phone about your web project and a contract is signed, web design from start to finish generally takes 2-4 weeks with revisions. What makes a web design project go faster is a well prepared client. Having images, content, and basic knowledge of the pages you want to have on your website ready to go makes the design process much faster.

Q: Can I edit my website when it's set up?

Yes! This is one of the main reasons I use Squarespace as a web host & template provider. Once your website is finished and launched I like to set up a training meeting to walk through basic editing steps. I teach you how to add text, blogs, images, etc. If want a major update in the design or functionality of your website that's when I recommend getting in contact with me, otherwise small changes are easily done by you.

Q: What is the design process?

Read all about my design process here >>

Photography FAQs

Q: Why don't you photograph weddings?

At this point in my career I wanted to pursue other types of photography as my creative outlet. I didn't thrive on the actual wedding day craziness, though I did love the weddings I photographed in the past. I still absolutely love photographing the bride & groom on a separate day of the wedding for formals/bridals/first look & engagements!

Q: How do I book a photography session with you?

To book a photography session with me simply contact me here or you can call/text me directly at 801-710-8040.

Q: What is your editing turnaround time?

I strive to get all of my photography sessions edited within 2 business days of your session. 

Q: How do you DELIVER your photos?

Once I'm all done editing your photos I will send you an email with a link to your personal online gallery hosted with I also include a download link to download all your digital high resolution edited JPG images for your convenience. 

Q: What if I don't see a photography package that is quite right? do you do custom packages?

Yes of course! Simply contact me with details about your photos and I will give you a custom price quote.

Q: I'm a photographer, do you design photographer websites & logos?

Yes! I absolutely cater to photographers and love having them as clients! Check out my pricing pages for web design packages or contact me for a custom price quote.