Heidi Randall Studios delivers fresh, interesting photography compositions and custom graphic design. I provide northern Utah photography, but can travel almost anywhere for your needs. I also provide custom graphic design to places all over the U.S.

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Hi there! I'm Heidi.

Heidi Randall Studios is a graphic design and professional photography business based in Cache Valley, Utah. I specialize in custom graphic design including branding and logo design, print design, web design, and custom illustration. I also work as a professional photographer focusing on commercial, portrait, engagement, and bridal photography (excluding wedding day photography). I strive to always have 100% client satisfaction by over-delivering professional unique work every time.

My style of photography is natural and candid. I always strive to make my photography sessions fun and lively whether it's a wedding, family, or portrait session. I want to capture you in your element. I am passionate about what I do, and I love the people I get to meet and work with. I am an artist at heart and express my creativity any chance I get. I am a USU graduate and I absolutely love doing the thing that makes me happy!

If you want to know more about me and my work, keep reading!  

The Chemistry Between Graphic Design and Photography 

I knew from the very first day at college orientation that I wanted to be a graphic designer. What I didn't know was that professional photography would pique my interest later on; almost as much as graphic design did that very first day. 

My dream for a long time was to support myself as a freelance graphic designer with my own business. I always loved photography, but never thought of implementing it in my professional life. I went into my senior year of college with a part time job as a graphic designer for iFrogz - a company that I LOVED to work for. It was there that I began to develop my photography skills. When the lead photographer needed an assistant, I anxiously volunteered. I discovered that I really liked photography. I soaked up all the information I could, asking questions whenever there was a chance. With the hands on experience, I then progressed to be a sub-photographer. It eventually opened up an opportunity for me to lead my own lifestyle photography shoot.  

Ever since that shoot I decided to incorporate photography into my business. I couldn't believe how free I felt when I was taking photos, expressing my creativity with different angles and lighting techniques. With a graphic design background I was able to recognize good compositions and compile excellent photographs with an artistic eye. 

The graphic design side of my business brings balance to Heidi Randall Studios with branding, print, web design, and custom illustration. I'm grateful to be able to serve you in all these capacities.

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