Haviland Ranch \\ Northern Utah Western Photographer

I had the opportunity to photograph the Haviland Ranch spring calf branding this year. The Havilands are some of the nicest people! The kids were having a blast roping the calves while Shane (owner/dad) did the heavy lifting of branding, vaccinating, and castrating.


When I arrived at the Haviland barn we were greeted by several horses and a pop belly pig! He waddled over to me ready for a head scratch. It was so fun to hang out with the Haviland family and see them in action. After a few hours all the calves were branded and ready to go back to their mommas who were mooing loudly in the adjacent corral the entire time. 

Heidi Randall Studios takes western photographs too!

Western art is one of my specialties! I'm an experienced photographer of horses, cowboys/cowgirls, ranch/farm life, cattle roundups, cattle branding, Montana lifestyle & other western subjects. 


As a western art photographer I strive to photograph subjects in their natural environment which mostly includes on-site ranches & farms. If you are passionate about your farm/ranch and would like to document your lifestyle you've come to the right place! I use my western photography sessions to document my client's lifestyle as well as capture several fine art western photographs for prints & personal use. I offer discounts to my western photography clients simply because I have access to their western subjects! Contact me today for a price quote & ask about discounts!

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