Crazy R. Longhorns \\ Cache Valley, Utah Western Photographer

I was hired by Crazy R. Longhorns to do some photos of their longhorns for advertising/records, and boy was I surprised by how fun it was! Starting out at the farm, we hopped on some four-wheelers and headed up to the range ground. After a short bumpy ride I was greeted by a head of almost 30 longhorns happily grazing. This heifer below had the largest horn width of the entire heard; she was huge! 


After hanging out with the owner he left me with a four-wheeler and let me take photos for about and hour to get better lighting and I had a blast! Just me and the longhorns up on the range :) They were all really friendly and interested in what I was doing. One of the steers came right over to me and I gave him a good head scratch. I thoroughly enjoyed this gorgeous overlook of Cache Valley while hanging out with the longhorns; what a cool photo shoot!

After finishing up photos on the range I headed back down to the barnyard to get some photos of the yearlings. They were all a bit skittish but still curious of me. I especially liked the young steer with a pure white eyebrow. When I was all done I looked over the valley in Smithfield and had to snatch a few shots of the gorgeous setting sun landscape. A great day indeed!

Heidi Randall Studios takes western photographs too!

Western art is one of my specialties! I'm an experienced photographer of horses, cowboys/cowgirls, ranch/farm life, cattle roundups, cattle branding, Montana lifestyle & other western subjects. 


As a western art photographer I strive to photograph subjects in their natural environment which mostly includes on-site ranches & farms. If you are passionate about your farm/ranch and would like to document your lifestyle you've come to the right place! I use my western photography sessions to document my client's lifestyle as well as capture several fine art western photographs for prints & personal use. I offer discounts to my western photography clients simply because I have access to their western subjects! Contact me today for a price quote & ask about discounts!

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