Wear what makes you feel comfortable for your photos!


Color Choices

Choose complimenting colors! Pick one dominant color and base your outfits around that color including a lesser complimentary color. If you have a favorite outfit start with that and add other outfits that compliment it. Patterns are a wonderful way to add interest to your photos but having too many patterns can be overwhelming.

If you are unsure of what colors go together I can always help make recommendations! Text me a photo of your outfits or bring a few options to the actual shoot. 



Avoid Distractions

Don't wear clothing with big distracting elements on it. Things like writing, crazy patterns, or neon colors are distracting and take away from the focus of your photos. 

Avoid too many patterns. As a rough guide I recommend having more solid colors than patterns. For example if there are 7 people in your family have 4 solid colors with 3 patterned outfits. If mom is going to wear a pattern, have dad wear a solid color shirt, or a more subdued pattern, (make sure those patterns aren't too distracting and compliment one another).


Tones & backgrounds

One thing to consider about your outfit is the location of the actual shoot. Neutral colors are always a good bet if we are shooting in the mountainous terrain. These colors can include colors like navy blue, forest green, creams, browns, grays, dusty rose, soft pinks, mustard yellow, etc.

Consider not only colors with the background but functionality. If we need to be walking through the brush be sure your attire will work and you can move freely (don't wear high heals in the forest!). 



Adding an accessory like jewelry, watches, scarves or jackets and other layers can add lots of interest to your outfits. Just be sure it's not all of these at once!


Dress up

Professional family photos don't usually happen all the time. Have mom in a dress and dad in a suit with the kids also in their Sunday best. Take your outfit a step above your everyday attire if you feel like it!