Design Process


Before your design project begins:

Am I the right fit for you?

Take a look through my website portfolio! Decide if I have the design style that is the right fit for you. I have put projects online that I feel show the range of my abilities and different design styles, however, I do not put everything that I design here on my website. If you are not seeing a project that you are interested in working together on but like my style, contact me!

Contact me

The sooner the better! In general I have a 1-2 week waitlist on new design clients depending on how complex your project is. If design needs are immediate I try to accommodate my new clients but I do appreciate a buffer before deadlines.

Have an idea of what you want

The hardest thing for me to do is design something with no idea of what you want. The design process is easier and faster if you have an idea of what you're looking for beforehand. Even a little chicken scratch is helpful! I always start out my process by asking my clients detailed questions about their project. The more I know, the more successful I will be at producing results that you are pleased with! 

What to expect after you've hired Heidi Randall Studios:

Ready, aim, fire!

Once I've talked with you (over phone, email or in person) about your project and we've gotten the technical things out of the way, I'll get started designing! I start out most of my designs with my trusted sketchbook. This is where I quickly sketch some ideas of the direction I want to take your project. After I'm pleased with a design concept I move onto the computer. The digitizing process is definitely where I spend the most time. If you are waiting to hear from me, this is where I mostly likely am. Be patient and I'll work my magic for you!


After I have a digital design ready to go I will email you a PDF or JPG of the design for your comments and thoughts. I recommend clients be specific with their revisions; explain what you like or don't like and if I'm in the ballpark of what you envisioned. Client satisfaction is my top priority!


Remember to trust in the design process, I have years of experience in graphic design and I like to challenge people's ideas and I also like my work to be challenged. When you are pleased with the final design, all t's are crossed and i's are dotted, your design files will be delivered via email or Dropbox.


What does "branding" include?

Branding is the overall look and feel of your business. This includes all designs in your business: logo, marketing materials, web designs, and even the way you present yourself to your clients. If you want to hire me to design your brand that starts with a logo design. From there I use elements of your logo throughout the rest of any printed material designs and web design. 

Branding generally begins with questions such as: Who are you? What is your business name? Who is your target audience? What problem do you want to solve? What makes you different from other businesses? (Mission Statement)