Summer in Bear Lake \\ Bear Lake UT-ID Postcard (Watercolor)


This has been the summer of Bear Lake fun for me and my little business. Two different times I found that I had a family reunion shoot in the morning and then one in the evening on the same day. Instead of driving all the way home after my morning sessions and then all the way back to Bear Lake in the evening, I decided to stay and enjoy the day there. With my car packed full of camera gear, swimming suit, giant umbrella, lunch cooler, snacks and a beach towel, I headed to the north beach for some summertime fun. I even took my watercolors for some spontaneous painting should I have the desire.

Creating art in nature, whether with my camera or sketchbook is so freeing. You connect with nature by capturing the feeling of the moment and take that home with you.

It might seem strange to go to the beach by yourself, but not for me! I love to travel alone and always take my camera with me when I do. Most of my very best nature/landscape images were from adventuring alone. And there’s nothing like the clarity of mind that comes with singing at the top of your lungs to the best boy band hits of the 1990s knowing no one else will hear your very off-key harmonizing.

When it comes to swimming, I am a fish; always the first one in and the last one out of the water. I blame my grandma for this. She and her sisters were known as the "Paddlin' Petty’s" and she passed on the love for swimming through the generations.

During summertime, the north beach at Bear Lake is usually packed, but I lucked out and got a picnic table to myself for the day. After I was finally tired of swimming, I came in and sat at the table and enjoyed the view, reading a book and soaking in the rays. I got my watercolors out and started playing around with sketches and basic painting strokes to capture the way I was feeling about my perfect summer day. I finished it by completing the watercolor sketch below before heading back to my last shoot.

These little prints make wonderful framed prints or postcards to friends & family.
I’ve already sent 5!


If you love summertime in Bear Lake as much as I do

you can now purchase “Summer in Bear Lake” as a small format art print or postcard in my Brand NEW art shop here:

This painting “Summer in Bear Lake” makes me so happy every time I look at it! I think it’s impossible to visit the north beach of Bear Lake and not come away with wonderful memories. Looking at this little print makes me think of the fun adventure I had that day when I painted it. I mailed a postcard-sized print to my grandma and she called to tell me her about her past adventures of visiting Bear Lake when her kids were young and all the fun times they had.

This art print/postcard can also be purchase with the “BEAR LAKE” text included - you can select this option when selecting a print size HERE >>

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