Family Camping Trip \\ Manti 2018

Where to begin!? August was such a fun month for me! I spent a lot of time with my family this month with the main event being a 6 day camping trip to Manti, UT, in the Manti-Lasal National Forest. Manti is one of our family favorites because of great camping spots, tons of four wheeling trails and awesome fishing spots. Usually our trips are only my parents and I, but this year we included my brother and his cute family.


Each day was filled with smiles and laughter from both the kids and adults. I don't think any one child was clean for more than 5 minutes! They spent every minute they could outside exploring the forest and making "mud potion" or at the lake fishing. My family is full of natural fishermen/women and my nieces didn't disappoint! The first day there they each caught a fish and couldn't wait to tell all about it. My dad and I flyfished from our pontoon boats out on the lake while everyone else fished from the shore. It was fun to watch them catch fish and explore!

My dog Zoey stays on my boat or my Dad's boat each time we go out fishing until she gets too restless and jumps in the lake. She usually swims around until she finds a stick floating and brings it back anticipating me to through it. I love when she jumps in, it's so funny! Well.. it's funny until she comes back onto my boat and shakes water all over me..

We had so many fun days fishing, four wheeling and telling stories around the campfire. The only thing that would have made it better was if my other brother and his family could have come. The kids entertained me the entire time with funny comments of their adventures. My favorite was my youngest niece's remarks about how gross the outhouse was. In her little 3 year old voice, "Oooo... I am not going in there.. ever! I'll just... wait till we get home."


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