Nidia + Tito \\ Cache Valley Engagement Photographer

Nidia & Tito were so fun to take photos with; I enjoyed every minute of our session! Tony Grove provided yet again with a stunning backdrop for our photos. I love being up in the mountains, especially when I am working, it's like being in a giant playground :)


One thing about being a photographer is you are always putting yourself out there. 

Most of the time it's putting your work out there for your clients, potential clients, other creatives and so on. Artists are always on display to be criticized; hopefully constructively. One aspect I never thought I'd struggle with as a photographer is putting myself out there to become friends with total strangers. Not only that but become good enough friends in mere minutes so that they feel comfortable enough to be natural and relaxed in their photos. Talk about a challenge! 

I am an introvert and being an introvert makes it tedious to be outgoing sometimes. Every session that I go to I anticipate what my clients will be like in person and every single time I am blown away by the kindness they show me! I have made some of my favorite friends because of my business. Even if I never see or hear from them again I count each of my clients as a friend. Nidia & Tito were so kind not only toward each other but toward me as well during their engagement session at Tony Grove. They had me giggling behind the camera pretty much the entire time and by the end of the session I hugged them both because I considered them friends. Their story was so fun and I am so excited for them!

Heidi Randall Studios makes taking engagement photos fun and easy!

No more pulling teeth to get everyone to smile; I work hard to make your engagement session fun and relaxed for everyone attending. If you’re looking to fill your frames with candid, fun, and spontaneous photos that portray your personality you’ve come to the right place!  

Pricing: I have many photography options, see pricing details HERE. I want to be sure you get the photos you’re hoping for a price that’s right for your budget.


As a graphic designer + professional photographer I deliver custom graphic design work including branding & logo design, print design and web design. I also specialize in formal, engagement, portrait and commercial photography based in Cache Valley, UT. Client satisfaction is my top priority.

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