Backhoe Digger Product Photos \\ Cache Valley, UT, Product Photographer

Heidi Randall Studios also specializes in product photography! 

These backhoe sand digger toys were so awesome, I wanted to take one home for my nephew! Our photo session started off with studio lighting to get "hero" shots of each color of digger for the product listing on Amazon.


After the hero photos we headed over to the park in Smithfield to get some lifestyle shots of the backhoe toys in action. These three cute models were very willing to show me how it worked and see who could dig the deepest hole the fastest. They had me laughing the entire time! 

Heidi Randall Studios makes taking commercial & product photos easy!

Each product photo session is unique just like your product! I work hard to capture the look and feel of how you want to portray your product to the public. Product photos can include studio photos with a white background or lifestyle photos of your product in use.

Pricing: See commercial photography pricing details HERE. 

As a graphic designer + professional photographer I deliver custom graphic design work including branding & logo design, print design and web design. I also specialize in formal, engagement, portrait and commercial photography based in Cache Valley, UT. Client satisfaction is my top priority.


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