Shani + Phil \\ Logan UT Temple Wedding

The day has come! Shani & Phil are married!! Well it was actually last week.. but I'm blogging about it now :) I've said this before in Shani & Phil's engagement & formal photo sessions, but these two are the BEST!!! I had such a wonderful time getting to know them over these past months and being a part of their special day:

While we were taking photos Shani & Phil told me their engagement story, it was so awesome that I had to share it here.

Near Bear Lake there is a cave called "Minnetonka Cave", which you can take tours of. The tours go 1/2 mile into the cave system. At the turn around point of the tour the guide turns off all of the lights and explains that you'd go blind in something like 30 days if you lived in that much of complete darkness... yada yada yada (it's actually a really cool tour, I highly recommend it - be prepared to climb a million stairs!). Anyway, Phil took Shani on this tour and at the point in the cave when they turn the lights off he knelt down on one knee in front of Shani and when the lights came on he completely took her by surprise by proposing, and the rest is history! I thought that was such a cute proposal!

I'm so happy for these two and wish them the best! :) 

PS: I have to give Shani's mom a shout out, she came on all of our shoots to assist with things. Generally having mom at a photo shoot can get a little complicated, but Shani's mom, Tammy, was THE BEST! She helped me when I needed her to hold my reflector & fanned out Shani's dress making her look perfect. I might just have to hire her as my assistant ;) 


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