Gracie 1 year \\ Cache Valley UT, Family Photography

My niece Grace just turned 1! How did we celebrate? By taking photos in the dandelions of course! :)

I am SO happy that I finally got some good dandelion photos! My nieces were more than happy (well most of the time) to pose in the dandelions because that meant they got to pick them! We had so much fun taking photos. I even got some adorable smiling ones of Gracie in between the frowns (she took a minute to warm up to me with mommy out of the line of sight). My sister-in-law Jenna wanted to get some photos of Grace holding one of her newborn photos. If you look a few photos down you'll see that she's wearing the same pinstripe blue dress a year later.

After I was satisfied that I'd gotten some smiling shots my other 2 nieces insisted on going to see the pretty flowers (lilacs) across the street. They thought they were so neat! And a bonus that they smelled pretty :) Ah, I love kids!!


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