Shoot & Share || Heidi Randall Studios

I'm so excited for this blog post! Have you ever heard of Shoot and Share?? Well it's pretty much the biggest online FREE photo competition ever. Anyone can enter their photos to be voted on for some sweet prizes! I'm so happy that I was able to be a part of Shoot and Share this year. You can enter up to 50 photos and for my first time I decided to enter in 50 of my best photos and am now in the "All-In" club!


I can't talk about this competition enough, and since it's now open to voting I get totally sucked in choosing my favorite photos for hours! And you can too!! Just follow this link to vote (It's totally free, no account needed, and non committal. Sounds perfect right?? It is!) 


Here's a sample of some of the photos I entered this year, enjoy your voting! :)