The Mountains are Singing \\ Utah Autumn Landscape Photography

Have you ever been in an beautiful outside setting where you thought the landscape was singing praises? Maybe it's just me, but that's all I could think of when I visited the Manti-Lasal national forest this fall. The autumn leaves were... there's only one word for it - GLORIOUS! Every where I looked it was as if mother nature herself was singing praises. The leaves of the aspens mixed in with pine trees was like candy for the eyes, I never wanted to leave!
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Manti has been a camping destination for my family since I was a newborn baby. Even my dad traveled to Manti when he was a kid. It is known for good hunting and most of all great fishing! That's mostly why we go, to fly-fish the hidden lakes and ponds that dot the back country. This fall I had the privilege to go with my dad and brother on their hunting trip for almost a week. They spent the whole time hunting and I spent the whole time taking photos of the amazing scenery with my dog Zoey for company. She was chased sticks and squirrels the entire time, I think it's safe to say she had a blast ;)

The first couple of days I hopped on the four-wheeler and cruised around the trails taking photos of the glorious aspen leaves. I stopped every ten feet it seemed like! Every where I looked was a picture frame scene. I couldn't get over how beautiful it was!! I can honestly say this was my favorite trip to Manti thus far. When I wasn't taking photos I was out on my pontoon boat with Zoey fly-fishing.

At one point while I was on the lake fishing a giant bald eagle joined me hunting for some dinner. He got a little close for comfort though at one point. I was reeling a fish in and he got about 15 feet away from me checking out the fish!! I was a little scared.. but at the same time cursing myself for not bringing my camera with me on the boat! Oh well, my brother at least saw it so I have a witness ;)

Here are the photos from my trip, enjoy and feel free to daydream like I do when looking at the aspens :) Oh and be sure to check out my autumn art prints!

The 3rd day camping we woke up to fog, it was SO BEAUTIFUL!! I loved it. Once the fog cleared the boys headed out hunting again and I took more photos :)

I drove my dad and brother to the top of Skyline drive (which by the way is terrifying at some points with sheer drop offs on the side of the road). They hiked their way back down to camp hunting along the way. Unfortunately they didn't get a deer this year, but there's always next year!

I took photos all the way back to camp and then got on the four-wheeler and took more photos, I seriously could not put my camera down!

The last day of camping my dad and I headed to our favorite fishing hole "Poders Ponds" and found a charred barren heartbreaking scene. We talked with one of the fish and game officers and found out that a fire had ripped its way through the surrounding area a few weeks before. It seriously made me want to cry! The ponds used to be surrounded by beautiful towering pine trees and now it seems like a wasteland. We still fished on the pond but it was really slow :(  Everywhere else was so beautiful it was shocking to come upon the burned parts of the forest, hopefully next year we'll see some new growth.

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