Grace || Logan, UT Family Photographer

What can I say, I LOVE photographing my nieces! This is my beautiful new niece Grace Lynne Randall!


Doesn't she just make you melt?! As I said before, I love taking photos of my nieces! While Jenna was trying to help Grace be comfortable for the photos I took quite a bit of photos of my other 2 nieces Cambria & Shae. They were being so funny! I absolutely love Cambria's cute freckles, I got a few close-up shots.

Gracie is a wonderful addition to Scott & Jenna's cute family, I can't believe there are 3 girls! Scott has got his work cut out for him ;) It was so fun to be around family and capture my nieces sweet personalities. Cambria kept saying, "Heidi take my picture!". Ah I love them all so much!


After we were all finished, Jenna laid Gracie down to sleep. I couldn't resist getting a few more photos of her wrapped up tight in her cute blanket :)

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