Continuous Lighting || Cache Valley, UT Studio Photographer

As a photographer I'm always searching for new toys to try out. I've recently been searching for some more lighting gear to add to my collection. I currently sport the Paul C. Buff Alien Bees B800 flash unit and LOVE it - but I wanted to invest in a continuous light source. My quest was answered by Kylee Ann Photography's blog! I researched a little bit about the lights she had mentioned using in her post and decided they would be a good investment, and they were!!

Yesterday the UPS man made my dreams come true with a giant box of new lighting gear! It was just like Christmas! I was so happy to receive my two new StudioFX Continuous Softboxes that I set up a "shoot" with my guitar to test it out (since I didn't have a model to use, I used my guitar as a model). So far, I'm nothing but pleased with these lights!


Don't mind all the dust on my guitar.. If I'm honest I haven't played it for over a year :( But it made for a good model to test out the lights :) I can't wait to try these lights out on some real models!


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