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I love doing graphic design work with my photography work. I originally graduated from USU in graphic design but it seems like most of what I've been doing lately is photography. However I still have a pretty good variety of graphic design work in the mix. I feel so fortunate to be able to do what I love and have different projects every day. One day graphic design, the next day photography, and sometimes both in the same day!  

I was really excited to work on this logo concept "Kid On My Hip" for an old friend of mine that I met during my freshman year of college. Becca lived right across the hall from my apartment in D's Bridgerland Apartments. We used to keep both of our doors open and go back and forth or welcome people going to the upstairs apartments, it was a blast! I truly had a wonderful college experience :) You can imagine how happy I was to hear from Becca, over 5 (or is it 6 now?) years later! It was fun to catch up and get to work with her!

Here's the finished logo, I LOVE how it turned out! Kid On My Hip is a blog for young mothers that includes all sorts of things relating to kids, cooking, cleaning, and other around the house things. If you'd like to see my design process keep reading! :)


To start this design I came up with some small sketches based on what Becca described to me.

Then came the digitizing. Initially I didn't really pay much attention to the facial expressions because I wanted to get the overall design down. When I was finished with round 1, it became apparent that the facial expressions of the mom and baby weren't quite right..


So I went back to the drawing board - which consisted of a post-it note stuck on the computer monitor to compare before and after. Once I sketched out the faces and got them how I liked I continued with the alterations to the logo.

Those alterations included adjusting the "P" in "Hip" and changing the colors around and making the apron less busy. And wah-la!! A fun illustrative logo that portrays exactly what Becca was looking for. I really love making illustrative logos, they don't come around that often! I'm very happy with the finished product and Becca was too :)

I always include a brand guide with logos - the purpose of this document is to direct the client in how to use the logo on their products along with all the information included in the brand - colors, fonts, uses, etc.

This was such a fun project for me! Not only because I got to be creative and illustrative, but because I got to reconnect with an old friend! :)

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