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Every once in a while I like to do a post about something completely random that isn't photography or graphic design related at all! Well here it is! Yesterday was my best friend Sarah's birthday! Yay!! Happy birthday to my bestie :) I wanted to make this birthday fun and random for Sarah so I decided to go with one of Sarah's favorite Nintendo characters the "LUMA" from Mario. And I'll be honest.. It's one of my favorites too! So if you're not a nerd like Sarah and I then this post probably wont make that much sense.. but you can look anyway!


It started out a few months ago when I went down the rabbit hole of Pinterest. I stumbled upon an adorable pattern to sew your own Luma character - (SEE TUTORIAL HERE) - and decided this would be the perfect b-day present for Sarah! Or at least I knew I would love to get one so I figured she would too :) Then the "planning" went from there - which consisted of finding everything star related that I could for decor.


ALSO - don't look too closely at the cake.. The frosting I made didn't work the best (I put too much milk in). It started to melt before I finished frosting the entire cake. It definitely has some cosmetic issues.. but it was still bright and cheerful and tasted yummy, and that's all that matters right??


The card was inspired by the WII game "Super Mario Galaxy" where you give the lumas star bits and they get big and fat before they "burst with snacky happiness" into a level that you play. Seriously if you haven't played it.. you should. And then I made up a fun logo on the back of the card just for kicks :)


And last but not least - when I started making Sarah's stuffed lumas it became apparent that I had oodles of extra fabric - so I thought, why not make as many lumas as I can?? Clearly that's the question to ask :) So I made a family of lumas; large, medium, and small. I love them all so much!!


While I was sewing the Lumas at my mom's house the maintenance guy was scheduled to come over. When he left he saw the lumas on the table and asked, "Hey! Aren't those the little stars from Mario?" - It made me happy to know that Sarah and I aren't the only nerds out there :)


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