Jacqueline + CJ (Part 2) || Northern Utah Wedding Photographer

Congratulations to Jacqueline & CJ on their special wedding day!

After the ceremony, luncheon and family photos I stole the bride and groom away before the ceremony and took some formal photos of them. Aren't they such a perfect couple! Ah I LOVE how these photos turned out :) When we were all done with their photos they headed back in to welcome their reception guests. The reception was awesome! There was good food, good music, and dancing! This is part 2 of their special day - SEE PART 1 HERE >>


Once Jacqueline & CJ were whisked away in the limo I turned around to see their moms hugging each other congratulating one another on their wonderful children - saying how happy they were that they found each other. Again.. I started tearing up. I'm so happy for Jacqueline & CJ!! They are truly wonderful people! :)

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