Courtney + Sam || Tony Grove Engagement Photography

I seriously love what I do, so much! This engagement photography shoot at Tony Grove (in Logan canyon) was incredible! Every once I a while I get clients who are super adventurous and want to climb rocks and wade out into a lake just to get the perfect shot.. well Courtney & Sam were these clients. I LOVE getting adventurous clients!! It makes for some extraordinary photos :)


My favorite thing about any shoot is when my clients make it personal and fun. Courtney & Sam did just that. Throughout the whole shoot they were climbing rocks, wading through the lake to get to a fallen tree, and posing exceptionally well for some awesome photos. Sometimes during shoots couples are stiff at first, but Courtney & Sam were so natural and comfortable! I loved how relaxed they were in front of the camera. They brought their new little black lab puppy "Deets" to the shoot, he is SO cute!! I love dogs, and puppies even more! He was very well behaved and looked right at the camera when I whistled (check out the photos near the end!). He lasted for a really long time until the very end when he discovered all the cow pies in the sage brush.. ;)

At the end of the shoot as we were leaving we got a beautiful display of the full moon through the pine trees with a red sky, it was gorgeous! Oh and be sure to scroll all the way to the end for the best "behind the scenes" shot ever!


Oh and I had to include one behind the scenes shot of Sam carrying Courtney out to the big tree in the lake, they were so great!

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