That's a wrap up || Cache Valley Photography

This post is a bit delayed I'll admit, but I still wanted to share what a wonderful holiday I enjoyed! Christmas was a BLAST sharing it with friends and family. One new tradition my family decided to add to the list was decorating graham cracker houses. It was so fun! We made the houses with normal graham crackers and melted sugar for the "glue". It worked out so great! My mom won our contest with a graham cracker outhouse design complete with cowboy hat and 2 gummy bears peeking in the window :)


Next we enjoyed all kinds of treats and food while opening family Christmas presents - even my brother's dog Daphne helped! My nieces were having a great time in their new footie pjs, they were so cute I had to get some pics of them!


But the best present of all was an announcement from my brother and sister-in-law. They surprised us all!! I'm so excited for them! Now we just have to wait to find out if the baby is a boy or girl!


I closed Christmas day taking a quick photo of the Hyrum, UT town lights. I thought they were so charming! I loved the lights strung across the street through the main part of town :)


And lastly, this was the best Christmas meme I found this season! If you know me, you know that I love Jimmy Fallon. It just makes sense for me to include him in my Christmas blog post ;) Underneath that was how I spent New Years even and day - 2 Redbox movies, sparklers, sushi, a mini oreo cake & Martinelli's! Then Daphne and I spent all New Years day being lazy... It was awesome!! I hope you had a fantastic holiday break, now it's back to work we all go!