Best Friends || Logan, UT Portrait Photography

I've been so excited to share this post! These two lovely ladies, Kat & Annie, used to be my roommates a few years ago. Annie is actually my cousin and Kat is basically my adopted cousin. Since we call her Kat (her real name is Katy) as her roommate and the great friend that I am - I always try to send her everything cat related I can find: memes, random images of cats, books of cats, a statue of a cat.. you get the idea. The three of us always had such a fun time as roommates! I wish I could go back in time just to enjoy it all over again.

These photos are a happy and sad event. Happy because I absolutely love these two girls and it was so fun to hang out with them; and sad because it is a short farewell to Kat. Moving cross country for work and school puts a monkey wrench in me seeing her all the time! But on the positive side I get to see Annie a lot more now! Anyway, here they are - two of the greatest girls I know!


We had such a fun time taking photos around downtown Logan! It was a lovely overcast day and luckily we finished shooting right before it started raining. These girls are the cutest, and some of my truest friends. I love them both so much!


Of course best friends are going to make funny faces around each other, why not get them on camera? Kat & Annie are the queens of funny photos, but especially the double chin photos and I got some good ones! The last photo is my favorite :)


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