Favs from 2014 || Logan, UT Photography

2014 was a great year for Heidi Randall Studios! I feel like 2014 was the prep year for 2015, I figured out most of how I want to run my business, met goals I set, networked with some awesome people, learned new techniques, and much more! If I had choose one favorite photo from 2014 if would be this photo:


I LOVE this photo! The groom insisted that this was the only photo he wanted to for sure take on his wedding day. The groomsmen made it happen, they were such great sports to put on their best faces for the photo! 

The rest of the photos are just a.. cough cough.. few.... ok, there's a ton of photos in this post... but I couldn't decide! So I kept a bunch of them to share. You can scroll fast through them ;) Anyway, these photos range from engagements to family, to landscape, to nature, to bridals - pretty much all of my favorite kinds of photography. I hope you enjoy (and don't get too tired from scrolling...)

Oh and just a reminder that I'm now booking photography clients for 2015! Contact me before Feb 10th and get 15% off your session!


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