Winter Engagements || Cache Valley, UT photographer

Taking Matt & Sarah's engagement photos in Benson & near the Wellsville mountains was somewhat of a unique adventure.
I absolutely LOVE how the photos turned out! They were such troopers!


The day of the actual shoot was one of the coldest days ever! It was cold, bitter cold, biting cold, whatever kind of cold you want to call it - that's what it was. I actually took a screenshot of my weather app on my phone so I could remember: Logan, UT,  15˚ with wind chill at -4˚...  My most favorite kind of photos to take are engagement and bridal photos so nothing was going to bring me down that day. Despite the freezing temperatures, frozen fingers, wind, and dead battery (yes my flash battery actually went dead halfway through because it was so cold!), we still got some amazing shots!


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