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I recently returned from an awesome (much needed) vacation from West Yellowstone, Montana. I went with my best friend Sarah to visit my brother and sister-in-law at the Parade Rest Ranch where they work. It was SUCH a blast! We went horseback riding, floated down the river, saw "Beauty and the Beast" at the Playmill Theater, shopped in West Yellowstone, and had fun seeing the sites in Yellowstone national park. Of course I had to take my camera with me, and I'm so glad I did! It is such beautiful country up there, I couldn't resist taking landscape photos everywhere we went.

While in West Yellowstone Sarah and I also went to the Grizzly & Wolf discovery center where I got some amazing photos of the wildlife. Though the animals are big and scary, they are SO beautiful!

After the discovery center we headed into Yellowstone Park to see some of the infamous sites. Here are a few pics:


Toward the end of our trip I decided to get up early and go out to take some morning landscape photos. It was finally a beautiful sunny morning! As I went down to the river I kept hearing a squawking sound - as I kept walking the squawking got louder. I looked up and saw a giant nest perched up high on a pole. I was standing right underneath a falcon's nest and I could see a baby falcon looking down at me! Once I realized this I took one step closer and saw a flutter out of the corner of my eye - perched on the next tree over was the mother falcon and she was getting mad! She started squawking like crazy and flapping her wings so I decided it was probably best to back away slowly.. but not before I got a fun photo of her baby perched up high in the nest.

After meeting face to face with the falcon I continued to take photos around the little valley of the beautiful landscape. See here:


Overall, my West Yellowstone vacation was a huge success! I can't wait to go back there and get some more photographs. What a majestic place!

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