Time For A Re-Brand || Heidi Randall Studios 2014

I'm so excited to announce that I've updated the look and feel of my website as well as re-branded! Things are always changing and updating in the world of graphic design and photography. In order to keep up with the times it is important to regularly evaluate the strength of your brand. I've been working on a fresh logo for the past months, tweaking and re-tweaking to make sure my new logo portrays exactly what I want it to be.

To start out the process of a branding project I always consult my favorite pocket sized sketchbook. Here I sketch any ideas that come to mind. Usually my idea sketches are hardly legible and very small. As I progress and get a sketch that I like I re-work that idea until it becomes something more solid:

When I feel like the design is more refined I will finalize my sketch and take an image of it. Only then do I start working on the computer:

Once I have my image in an Adobe Illustrator file I begin tracing the image of my sketch with the pen tool.

While I'm tracing the photo of my sketch with the pen tool I use pink at a 50% transparency to be able to see my design underneath the vector created by the pen tool.


When I started designing I struggled with the "R" in Randall. Throughout the entire process I worked and re-worked the R:


I worked out the kinks with the "R" and fixed all the minor things throughout the rest of the logo until I was satisfied with the finished product. I added a splash of texture on top of the logo for depth and here it is all finished!

Once I had the initial brand design finished all I needed to do was set a style guide for my logo to implement throughout the rest of my brand including: web design, business cards, invoices/receipts, advertisements, and social media. For my primary color, I decided to go with a rich brown. I have learned from the past that for my personal brand - and portraying both graphic design and photography - it was best for me to stick to a neutral palette for my main colors.


Previous logo in comparison with the new design:

I had a hard time coming up with a stye that didn't focus solely on graphic design or solely on photography. The new design successfully marries the two mediums in a way that portrays the message of professional, creative, and unique work.

I'm currently in the process (it's a long process) of updating all of the information on my website, including all of my photography galleries, with my latest work. I am loving how everything is coming together!

While I've been working on updating my website, I got distracted with adding my logo to some of my latest photos - I think they turned out awesome and fun! Check it out:


Re-branding your business is an essential part in keeping up with the business world. If you're interested in a re-brand project, please contact me!

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