Dane + Danielle || Logan, UT Wedding Photography

When I had heard that Dane and Danielle were engaged I was SO happy!! Dane was my neighbor a few years ago and I graduated college with Danielle. They are the definition of the perfect match! May 16th was an ideal day for a wedding - slightly overcast, but still quite bright and warm but not hot. While I was waiting for the bride and groom to exit the temple I had a chance to catch up with an old friend and also enjoy the beautiful Logan Temple gardens.

I was also thoroughly entertained by Dane's nephews who had made paper airplanes and were competing to see who could throw the farthest. I have to say that those boys had some great techniques. I've never been able to get my paper airplanes to go as far as theirs did.

I absolutely love being on the Logan temple grounds. I have found so much peace even just sitting on the benches. While I was waiting (after the paper airplane entertainment) I felt so calm and collected. When Dane and Danielle came out of the temple doors everything was in place and their family welcomed them with open arms. After the family photos I took the bride and groom around the temple grounds to get some formal photos. The temple provided a spectacular backdrop for every location we went to - beautiful trees and blooming flowers everywhere! Ah I love springtime :)

Oh and here's a bonus photo. This is probably my favorite black and white edit I did. What do you think? Leave me a comment! :)

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