Boy or Girl?? || Logan, UT Maternity Photography

A few weeks ago I got a call from my friend Steph asking if I would take some "gender reveal" photos for her. At the time I thought, what does that even mean? But I soon found out that it would be one of my funnest shoots! We met at a park in Logan, UT and set up all of the props and I was happy to be one of the first who knew what the gender of the baby would be. Steph and Tomsen were so excited to get these pictures, which in turn made me so excited to do them!

Do you think Steph and Tomsen are having a boy or a girl? They plan to reveal the gender of their baby this Sunday (Father's Day) - check back Monday to see if you were right!

Do you have any fun old wives tales that determine the gender of the baby? Leave a comment at the bottom of the blog post!

Don't forget to leave your prediction in the comment box below! Do you think a boy or a girl??

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