Baby Cossette || Logan, UT Newborn Photographer

There's nothing better than a brand new baby to photograph. I had such a great time taking photos for my previous roommate and friend Cara. Once I was all set up at her house I realized I had left my camera battery home.. and that all my extra batteries were dead... AH! A photographer's nightmare! Luckily it was a lazy Saturday afternoon and Cara was very understanding. I quickly drove home, got my battery and came back to a very sleepy baby ready to be a great model. Baby Cossette was so precious! The first half of the shoot was a huge success, after that she got a little restless and I took photos of Gigi (Cara's first baby girl) which didn't disappoint! She was content with showing me all of her books one at a time. What a cutie and what a cute family!

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