A Blood Moon Eclipse || Logan, UT Photographer

I was so amazed at the majesty of the Logan temple with this natural phenomenon hanging in the distance. It was truly inspiring and terrifying at the same time! (But mostly inspiring) I jumped out of my car, readied my camera and got the amazing photo!

"Signs Of The Times"

"Signs Of The Times"

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What a cool experience to see a full lunar eclipse last night! If you weren't able to see it then check it out below! I set out on an adventure last night with 2 of my roommates and a good friend to take photos of the first half of the eclipse. Which mini road trips with 4 girls was fun enough, then we had the added bonus of a stellar event like an eclipse! Needless to say we were having lots of fun. The whole valley was lit up like the sun was out. After driving out to Benson with my groupies I took a few photos of the entire sky waiting for the eclipse to start. My roommates were getting impatient since they were just there to observe and not take photos. As the clocked ticked they voted to go home and watch the eclipse from the warmth of our apartment. My friend Erin and I decided to stay out and finish taking photos of the rest of the eclipse, which I'm SO glad we did! The eclipse didn't disappoint. I got all the stages of the first half and some of the entire moon in shadow or the "Blood Moon". It almost looked as if Mars was hanging in the Earth's atmosphere. Erin and I were freezing and I'm pretty sure we were in the first stages of hypothermia with our camera batteries almost dead when we decided to call it a night.

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