A Temple Sealing || Utah Family Photographer

I have an amazing family. Ever since I was little my Grandma and Grandpa Smith made sure we had many family gatherings and parties for all sorts of events: holidays, birthdays, showers, weddings, new babies, etc. Because they went to such an effort to keep our crazy extended families interacting with one another, to this day I am still close with them. I was honored to be able to photograph the temple sealing get together for my Smith relatives. My Aunt and Uncle adopted their sweet daughter (my new cousin!) Susana into their family and were officially sealed to be an eternal family - what an amazing celebration! There was so much love and happiness there at the temple. After the big celebration we did family photos that turned out so great. This family is so funny! I had a blast taking their photos, and I'm pretty sure there was more laughing than there was photo taking! My Uncle Garth, Aunt Diane, and my two beautiful cousins Megan and Susana:

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