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I recently was able to finish a web design for my uncle Garth. He is pursuing his piano talents and composed a CD of beautifully composed hymns. Garth hired me to build and design his website in preparation for his new CD "Sacred Hymns". Along with the design of Garth's website, I was able to design the CD artwork and all the ads corresponding to his products.

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I was happy to use photos I had in the past for Garth's website. I took the photo of the rainbow on a rainy day in Cache Valley, UT. The lighting was beautiful and the stars aligned for my photograph. Below you can see how I used my photo and graphic design skills to create the artwork for "Sacred Hymns". I also was lucky to have a relative that lived nearby that let me take some hero shots of her baby grand piano - the photo I used for the back cover of the CD case.

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