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I think as a creative professional it is important to get out and flex those "creative muscles" every once in a while by learning something new. I have decided to start learning about videography on my DLSR. On Monday I attended a class hosted by Taylor Ballam here in Cache Valley to learn the basics of video. The class didn't disappoint! I really admire Taylor's work. He had lots of good advice and I actually understood most of it! To start off though, I think I was the only one in the class that didn't actually know how to switch to video on a Canon camera.. Oh well, that's why I was there - to learn! Taylor went through all the settings and their importance. Over half of the class was verbal instruction and I soaked up every second of it. The latter half of our class was hands on experience getting to apply what we learned. Our "assignment" was to make a short clip of the model twirling - you can see mine below.

I have great respect for professional videography. It takes so much thought and action, not to mention the final editing process. I am definitely going to be pursuing my education in videography, mostly for my own purposes though and of course family home videos!


Below is the first official video I took on my DSLR... Ah yeah! I realize that my video isn't a Taylor Ballam film, but I'm just learning!

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