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I couldn't help myself! I had to draw this little guy for my sketchbook! (which, I must admit, is mostly full of different minion character sketches)


First of all let me say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Christmas is in 2 days! I was starting to lose faith in winter and having a white Christmas until it finally snowed yesterday! It might not last but I'm optimistic that it will be snowing on Christmas day :)

Secondly, I love minions. More specifically I love drawing minions. I also LOVE Christmas and the movie the Grinch. Combining two of my favorite things just seemed logical. I decided to draw up a minion Grinch that I found on Pinterest just to say Merry Christmas to all of my many followers, hopefully it's more than just my mom that reads my blog ;)


However this post isn't just about my little Grinchy minion creation. I also wanted to express praise to my beloved Savior Jesus Christ. Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. Not just because of the family get togethers, presents, and Grinch minions, but because so much of what we hear during this December month is centered around Jesus Christ. To quote the site dedicated to sharing the message of Christ during this season:

Can a gift given 2,000 years ago still matter today? The answer is a heartfelt yes. As we internalize the teachings of Jesus Christ and follow His perfect example, we can become more like Him and experience lasting peace and joy - this Christmas season and always.
— The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Who am I without the Son of God? I owe everything I am to Christ and Heavenly Father. I truly believe that without them I wouldn't be where I am today. I love the quote on the plaque in the picture below:


One last thing! Have you seen this video of the Nativity? I cry every time! Watch it, you won't regret it! :) Ah! I love this time of year!!

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