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I met Amy during my last year of college at USU in out portfolio class. She was working on her masters and I was finishing up my bachelors degree. Since I've graduated I haven't had much interaction with most of my college friends. I was so happy when Amy emailed me asking me to take pictures of her gallery showcase for her masters degree! Like I said, I hardly every talk to college peeps, so this was a pleasant surprise to be able to hang out with Amy for a little bit and see her progress in school.

Her gallery show was awesome! it was all about being an introvert in an extrovert world and the struggles they face,

"Thoughts from an unapologetically honest introvert".


Being an introvert myself, I was loving every minute of it. Amy suggests excuses to use in social situations, how to survive an art gallery event, rethinking social dialogue, a flow chart of things to talk about with other people in social settings, and my personal favorite - introvert rejuvenation pods. When in a social setting sometimes the introvert gets overwhelmed. These pods are meant to close off contact with all other people and rejuvenate as needed. I loved the idea, and thought it added the perfect touch to the show!

Overall this was a very fun shoot for me. I got to catch up with a school friend, casually take photos in the gallery, and learn all about what it means to be an introvert and how to stay one.


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