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I never thought I'd be blogging about - "Night Skies and Big Foot" - but what happened to me the other night was downright creepy! Let me tell you the tale.

She's such a good watch dog!  ; )

She's such a good watch dog!  ; )

I've been researching "how-to" night sky photography and have gone out several times in the last few months to try my hand at it. This past Wednesday brought a new moon and clear skies, which meant perfect star photography conditions. I decided I'd take advantage of it, so on Thursday night I packed up my gear and headed out to take some photos. I traveled up Logan canyon about 4 miles, just past 3rd Dam. I pulled over and parked on the road between two parts of the sectioned-off river (two small ponds - with the road in between them). Last time I went out I got kinda scared being in the canyon all alone, so this time I took my brother's little corgi Daphne with me for protection.

I got my equipment set up and ready on the tripod, then put Daphne's leash on and got her out of the car. As I was attempting to get my camera settings just right (which usually takes several minutes) Daphne started growling and barking. She was faced in the direction that my car was pointing. Thinking it was probably just a rabbit or squirrel down the road I brushed it off and told her to be quiet. I continued taking photos for another several minutes, when Daphne went to the front of my car and started whining. It was really odd. When she stopped, I heard several heavy foot steps coming from the other side of my car, about 10 yards away on the far side of the small pond. Creepy, right?

I sort of froze in fear and realized that I was alone, out in the dark canyon with just a small corgi for protection, and she wasn't protecting me at all! I got a horrible feeling and went into panic mode. In a flash, I tossed Daphne back into the car and debated for an instant on whether I should leave my camera or not... Sanity prevailed and I sacrificed more time to get my camera in the back seat (without turning it off or taking down the tripod mind you). I hastily jumped into the driver's seat and slammed the door, half expecting there to be a bear or hungry wolf charging me at any moment.

I fumbled trying to get the keys out of my pocket and into the ignition, and with hands shaking, attempted to roll up the driver's side window. I kept hitting the passenger widow button instead, which made me even more panicked when I saw that my window wasn't rolling up! (I imagine that anyone reading this is probably shaking their head, since it was most likely just a deer, but it was so scary, and those footsteps sounded so omnious! My biggest fear is coming face to face with a bear or a wolf!) Finally, I got the window up and doors locked.

I was too freaked out to stop and shine my lights where I'd heard the noise. I booked it out of there and was on my way back home, heart pounding. Once I got back into town and calmed myself down, I decided I still wanted to take more night photos, but at a place in cache valley that I knew was safe from any critters. I headed out to the Benson marina.

The lowlands of Cache Valley were completely foggy and I could only see about 15 yards in front of my car. Once I got to the marina I got all set up again and took some more night photos. This time I felt much more confident and safe. I got some cool photos at the marina that I show below. It felt like I was in a snow globe, not being able to see any city lights, but the star were shining bright.

After I finished, I headed home and told my roommates about my adventure. The next day (Friday) my roommates and I decided to go back up the canyon in the daylight to look for footprints and see if there was any evidence of what had made the noise the previous night.

When we got there we weren't disappointed. We found some unusually large, semi-fresh footprints coming from the hills toward where my car was parked. They were abnormally far apart from each other in the snow. The only other prints were deer tracks that were days old. I took some photos that I've included in this post. It was really unnerving to see the size of those prints. Whatever it was, was big and had long legs.

Now I'm not saying that Bigfoot exists or does not exist.. but after the last couple of days, I'm not so sure now!

(Also, if it really was just a person walking around where I happened to be taking photos that night and you're reading my blog, then I hope you get a good laugh from this post! And sorry for calling you big foot..)

Here's my photos of the footprints in comparison to my boot print and also of how close it was to my car. You be the judge! (Please feel free to share!)

Regardless of my scary night, I did get some good night shots and a good story to go along with it! Here's a photo from my adventure in Logan canyon:

After my terrifying experience I headed over to Benson and got these two photos in the fog (the 2nd one is my favorite).

This photo is available to purchase here. Contact me if you have any questions!

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