Be Extraordinary || Print Design 2013

Heidi Randall Studios isn't always about photography. Most of my blog posts are focused around photography, but every once in awhile my graphic design work shines through. In the case of my most recent print design work "Be Extraordinary" I got to flex my graphic design + photography muscles.

I started this project with intentions of using one of my balloon photographs from the "Panguitch Balloon Festival" to make a digital painting of sorts with a short typographic message. I began brainstorming phrases that would be fitting for my photograph. I thought about the quotes and stories I've read referring to being unique, you only live once, and to make the most out of life. I ran with this idea of living life the opposite of ordinary. Then it hit me; riding in a hot air balloon is very opposite of ordinary, in fact, it's very extraordinary! Hence my phrase "Be Extraordinary".

I'm all about taking the road less traveled. I go out of my way quite often to do just that. It usually ends up costing me more in gas money, but hey, I always manage to get something out of my new route. In fact, were it not for this attitude I would have missed my opportunity to take photographs of the balloon festival which then led to this project. 

In this blog post I'm sharing what my design process was for both the photography and typography part of my finished artwork. Just as my graphic design professor at USU (Bob) told my class, "Your best work comes from the sketches in your sketchbook. It's a lot easier to figure out a design issue on paper rather than on the computer."

You will see from the images below I had to work and re-work my initial sketchbook sketch many times. I was to the point that I had almost everything figured out with my hand drawn typography except for the "E" in "Extraordinary". I kept trying to solve the problem with my design to no avail. Finally I gave up for the night and went to sleep. Or so I thought. I woke in a daze at 1:00 in the morning with the answer to my "E" problem! I quickly grabbed whatever paper was available on my nightstand and in the light of my iPhone sketched out what I had dreamed to be the perfect "E". I then immediately fell asleep again feeling much more peaceful than before. Needless to say I woke in the morning to find my scribbled "E" on the back of an envelope that I had already addressed to mail. 

Finally I had my "Extraordinary" hand drawn typography phrase the way I wanted it. Once I had digitized it in Adobe Illustrator, my whole composition came together to be a visually pleasing and interesting piece of art. I sure love when I can utilize all of my artistic skills to create something beautiful. I hope you enjoy this blog post and much as I did making it! :)  


"Be Extraordinary" is available now as a downloadable digital print. Order here

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