Baby Shae || Newborn Photography 2013

I love babies. Whenever I have a newborn session booked I'm just tickled that I'm so lucky I do this for a living! I was in my "studio" listening to music and editing some of my latest newborn session photos when I realized how much fun I was having! To me, every photo I edit is a part of my creativity. I put a little piece of my artistic abilities into the way I decide to edit that photo. In a way, each photo is a little piece of artwork (at least that's what I try to portray). What better "canvas" is there than a raw photograph of a newborn baby?

Don't get me wrong, I love taking and editing all types of photos - engagement, wedding, landscape, etc. However there's just something extra special about working on a photo of a newborn baby. They're so completely dependent on others for everything. It awakens an instinctual desire to care and provide for that little baby however I can in that moment. Whenever I'm editing newborn photos or even older baby or children photos I get a bit attached to my photographs. I have a desire to portray in my photos and editing techniques the way that God sees those little babies - perfect, innocent, and pure. It's always a bit of a spiritual experience for me.

Anyway, I'm so glad I had this opportunity. I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as I did taking and editing them. 

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