Fire Sunset || Summer 2013

Usually when I'm busy editing photos I get into a zone where I'm unaffected by outside noise. Yesterday I was in the zone as I was working on my latest client photos until I needed a break. I walked to the kitchen to get a drink (on the west side of the house) and noticed red light filtering in through the window. I thought, "What is going on? Is it a UFO?!" (Ok I didn't really think it could be a UFO.. but the thought flickered through my mind). I went outside and saw that the sun was a perfectly round red circle in the sky. It seemed to be smaller than I recalled from all those times being dared to stare at the sun when I was a kid... (I never backed away from a double dare, don't worry I never went blind). 

All the fires in Utah are wreaking havoc with the air quality, not to mention the land and homes that have burned. Anyway, I went on KSL and found that over 30,000 acres of land have burned so far.. crazy! No wonder the sky is red. It makes for interesting photographs, so why not make the most of this rare red sky? I took some photos as the day progressed so you can get an idea of how bad it was. These photographs almost look like the moon in the midst of a cloudy night, (especially the b&w) but trust me its the sun shining through the smokey skies. 

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