Panguitch Balloon Festival || Summer 2013

I've always loved balloons. In fact when I was young my mom used to buy me a balloon from the store, tie a slip knot in the ribbon, and put it around my wrist. I would walk around the house and yard all day with my little balloon pet. Once my beloved balloon started to lose helium and height I would release it to "Balloon Heaven". I watched as my little balloon soared ever higher until I couldn't see it anymore. Needless to say I was always a bit sad when my balloon finally "died".

You can imagine my excitement when my friend called to tell me about the Panguitch, Utah Hot Air Balloon Festival. Luckily I was in St. George for a wedding that weekend. I asked myself why not stop for a balloon festival on my way back? Who am I kidding? It wasn't even a question! I met my friends in Panguitch on the way home and we went to the amazing event. As a bonus we helped one of the teams put together and launch their balloon! It was an incredible experience - now I just need to ride in one next time! 

This day just kept getting better! After the balloon festival a motorcycle parade stormed through Panguitch. All I could keep thinking: I absolutely love small towns!! 

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