Sarah & Adam Bishop || Summer Wedding 2013

A little back story about this blog post: My mom is from a family of seven children. Around the year 1989 - 1991 each of the seven families had a baby girl - with 2 families having 2. I am one of these nine girls and best of friends with the other eight girl cousins (I have many other cousins that I love as well). The second oldest of the group got married first over a year ago. Next was the oldest who was married earlier this year. Now the youngest of the group, Sarah Gunn (now Sarah Bishop), has bit the dust! We all have bets on who's going to be next :)  

I was so happy I was able to take some photographs at my cousin Sarah's wedding. Other than knowing Sarah my entire life, I was roommates with her while attending Utah State University. I got to know her on a deeper level and became even better friends with her. At the time we were roommates, her husband-to-be Adam was on his mission. I was there for some of the times she received letters from him. Her eyes would always light up with the anticipation of what he had to say. My other roommates and I could tell it was true love and that they were destined to be married as soon as Adam was home. And that's exactly what happened! I could tell then, and I can tell now that Sarah has truly found and married her soul mate. Congratulations to you both! :)


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