2nd Year Birthday Party || Northern UT Photographer

I love my nieces SO much! I had the opportunity to take photos at my oldest niece Cambria's birthday party this month. She is now 2 years old and is absolutely the cutest toddler I know. I got to the party early so I could take some photos of both Cambria and her younger sister Shae (4 months old). They were such great models! They even let Grandma kiss them all over with bright red lipstick then posed for me. I got some fantastic photos of both. 

Last year grandma (my mom) got Cambria a yellow-orange kitty stuffed animal. Cambria bonded to this kitty and named him after their real cat Wheeler. Needless to say, she took her kitty with her everywhere. Over the year he got a little worn out. Grandma definitely gave one of Cambria's favorite presents by getting a brand new "Wheeler" this year for her birthday. And here I was thinking I'd be the favorite for getting her a new stuffed ball!

Toward the end of the night Cambria got ready to blow out her "2 years old" candle, but before we could warn her she tried to grab the flame and burned her little fingers. You'll see from the photos at the end that she wasn't to happy about blowing out the candle any more..

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