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I absolutely love being a northern Utah family photographer. I was recently able to take photos for a family friend in Morgan, UT; which in itself is 2 bonuses! 1) I love seeing the Andersons and 2) I love visiting Morgan! Before I even took the photographs I knew it was going to be a fun photo shoot. These friends have a special place in my family. Firstly, Jim Anderson set my parents up on a blind date all those years ago. Not to mention my dad has been good friends with Jim since forever. They used to go snowmobiling, four-wheeling, camping, and every other manly outdoor sport together. Jim even earned his own title in my family. We called him "Jim-n-them" which roughly translates to Jim, Gloria, their son & daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, and many other friends and neighbors that tagged along in the snowmobiling group. I was even fortunate enough to tag along in the group on the "less daunting" snowmobile rides a few times. These usually consisted of at least one "kiddy hill" in which they would park their snowmobiles at the bottom of the hill while I, and others of my skill level, would play. Nevertheless I always had such a blast with this group of people.  

For this family session we took photos across the street from the Anderson house in one of their relatives' beautiful back yard. In all the years of my growing up, this section of houses on Morgan Valley Drive was considered "Christmas Village". Every year my family and I would go on drives around the valley to see the lights, but would make a special trip to Christmas Village. All the spectacular Christmas lights and displays dispersed among the houses made it seem like a fairytale. Even though it isn't Christmas Village right now, it was still spectacular scenery for the shoot. Luscious fields, towering trees, and a beautiful gazebo all for my use, I was like a kid in a candy store! You'll see below that there is a magic to this location. Thanks to all the Andersons' for being such good friends to my family. I had a great time with this photo shoot.

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