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One thing about being a northern Utah photographer and designer is that I get to do both photography and graphic design projects. Some days I'm working only in photoshop editing photos and the next day I'll be solely working in Illustrator on a logo design. I love that I have a diversity, it keeps me on my toes. These past few days I've been working on a branding project for my dear friend Lori. She is starting her own art decor business here in Logan, UT. I'm all for owning your own business and jumped at the chance to help her out with some of the branding work she needed to get started. 

 "Touch of Mabe" is in intriguing title. Come to find out "Mabe" is a family nickname that Lori and her sisters have for one another - "Mabe likes to make items that make her and her followers smile!" After I spoke with Lori regarding what her business is all about, I decided to go with an elegant classy look that still has a natural organic feel for her logo. Lori creates beautifully designed art decor from paintings and drawings to seasonal decor. I am grateful I was able to work with Lori on this project. You can learn more about "Touch of Mabe" here.

 "Touch of Mabe" 

-Local branding project in Logan, Utah

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